unieke jurkjes voor local celebrities Altijd stijlvol verpakt fashion that does give a frock


Dear guest,

 Welcome at Oetie&Helle’s webshop!

 Oetie&Helle is a Dutch fashionbrand that makes dresses for girls

aged two to twelve years old.

Each dress in our shop is handmade out of vintage materials and therefore totally unique.


If you wear an Oetie&Helle-dress, you can be absolutely sure you’ll be the only girl in te world that has this dress.

There cannot be a duplicate, for each dress is a singular piece of art.


And because our dresses are made of vintage materials, we are a one hundred percent green bizz.

So: we definately do give a frock!


If you have any questions about size, shipping, washing-instructions,

our strange name, or the way we position ourselves in this curious yet magnificent world we all live in;

please contact info@oetieenhelle.nl


And if you would like to see what odd things Oetie&Helle have to say to the people outside, please follow us at twitter and at facebook;



 Thank you and we hope to welcome you again in our shop!